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Two Decades of Trusted Financial Guidance: Rabbi Adam Fisher’s Journey with Mark Snyder

More than twenty years ago, Adam approached Mark Snyder and Snyder Wealth Group with a pivotal question about his future: Did he have enough to retire? The journey that unfolded from that moment not only shaped Adam’s financial stability but also deepened his trust in a financial advisor who proved to be much more than just an expert in numbers.

Early Decisions and Lasting Trust:

Mark’s initial advice was cautious yet optimistic. He affirmed that Adam could retire, provided he managed his spending carefully. This sage advice marked the beginning of a relationship built on trust and meticulous financial stewardship. “Since then, he has watched over my money with great care,” Adam recalls. Not being savvy about the market himself, Adam found comfort in knowing that he could trust Mark completely to act in his best interest.

A Relationship Beyond Investments:

Adam rarely gives his holdings a second thought, confident in Mark’s vigilance and wisdom. Over the years, as Adam’s financial goals evolved, Mark skillfully adjusted his portfolio to meet these changing needs, ensuring that Adam’s financial plan remained aligned with his life’s transitions.

Community Impact:

Beyond the financial advice, what truly impressed Adam was Mark and his wife Gloria’s profound commitment to the community. Known locally as the “go-to” financial planner, Mark’s contributions extend far beyond personal finance. He and Gloria are actively involved in enhancing various local organizations, from hospitals to life care communities. Their modesty about their philanthropy only deepens the respect that clients like Adam have for them. “I feel good about having a man manage my money who is deeply concerned about people and the community,” Adam states, reflecting on the integrity that underscores Mark’s professional and personal life.


Adam’s story with Mark & Snyder Wealth Group is more than a client-advisor relationship; it’s a testament to what it means to entrust not just your finances but your future to someone who genuinely cares. For over two decades, Adam has experienced first-hand the security and peace of mind that comes from having a dedicated advisor like Mark, who pairs financial expertise with a heartfelt commitment to both his clients and his community.

Non-compensated client testimonial; may not be representative of all client experiences; no guarantee of future performance or success.

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