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Marcella Giachetta

Marcella Giachetta

Meet Marcella Giachetta, the face you will often see first upon entering the Snyder Wealth Group office. A trusted and dedicated team member for over 24 years, Marcella is the heartbeat of our operations, managing everything from event planning to appointment scheduling and ensuring that our clients feel at home from their very first interaction with us.

Marcella’s journey with the Snyder Wealth Group started when Mark Snyder hired her two decades ago. She was drawn to the industry’s dynamic nature and the opportunity to form lasting relationships with clients.

Outside of work, Marcella is a dedicated family person. She treasures every moment she gets to spend with her family and takes immense pleasure in attending her grandchildren’s school and sports events. After a busy week of supporting clients, Marcella’s favorite way to unwind is by spending time with family and friends, reinforcing her belief in the importance of close-knit relationships in all aspects of life.

With Marcella Giachetta on our team, the Snyder Wealth Group is able to deliver a warm, personalized experience that sets us apart. We’re proud to have her as part of our family and are confident you’ll appreciate her dedication and care as much as we do.

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